Politics and Work

Copier's Commentary

It is the copier's job to pilot a line through the submissions and the edition's topic as well as setting out the floe for the next edition.

Body and Soul
Stephen Bernard Hawkins
Shoulders broad enough to bear the burden of reconstruction?

Featured Pieces

(Photo Series)
Ron Ricardo
Reaching out to the human body, beneath the layers of politics
Winning at the Expense of Good
Sean Ryan
Locating the value of work
Truth Has Been Suspended. Indefinitely
Kevin Hehir
A post-event breakdown, suspense after the fact
Customer Service
Mark Bennett
Musings motivated by the violence done to truth in the claim "the customer is always right"
For God and Country: The Political Manipulation of Faith in Outport Newfoundland
M.A. Snow
The management of identity crises in the working class

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