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Who is Ballicatter?

Ballicatter is a collaborative effort. Check out the Contributors Page or look into the Submission Guidelines and contribute to future editions of Ballicatter. If one of the featured pieces has piqued your interest respond in the forum associated with that piece by hitting the respond link at the bottom of the respective articles page.

A Note on the Feature Pieces and the Copying Process

Every featured piece in Ballicatter is submitted by philosophers, artists, writers, musicians, etc. Every submitted piece must be based on the topic for the edition in which it is included and must exclude any terms and images on the blocked list for that edition. All pieces are selected, from the pool of those submitted, by that edition's copier. It is the copier's job to pilot a line through the submissions and the edition's topic as well as setting out the floe for the next edition.

You and Yours

Though an e-mail address must be included in your submission, this information will not for any reason be divulged. Its sole functions are to enable Ballicatter to inform its readers about new and upcoming editions/additions and to correspond with contributors regarding matters related to the site.

The rights to all works published in Ballicatter are owned, by the creator of the work. Should you wish to poach an article or piece you have seen here, contact us so that we can get you in touch with the author.

Ballicatter assumes no legal liability for the works of its contributors or for the content of any other website or material to which this site links.

The Rest

Ballicatter is a registered periodical: ISSN 1710-4572