Politics and Shelter

Revenge Wears No Wristwatch


“Hungry darkness of living, who will thirst in its pit? She spent her lifetime deciding how to run from it” — The Clash, “Ghetto Defendent”

Images painted over images
Slides disguising lies
In full view, we build upon
We distance upon
Shall we overcome?

Scene one: Location at common American Work environment. Meeting ground for underclass professions seeking advancement. Mix in those needing resources to pay bills, covering themselves in the illusion that it's no big deal. Individuals becoming company politics. Individuals turning into big business.
What will you do to succeed? Will you avoid critical self reflection — when a displeasure arises from a disdaining interaction, will you look to yourself, reflecting on past behavior, seeking to understand your motivations/desires/mistakes? Will you seek to grow, take the road of ever changing self discovery? Will you avoid yourself so much that you will seek to destroy another, in order to make yourself look better to those who weren't even looking?
Seems you follow the words highlighted between the lines in the Employee Handbook, complaining to the other object/person's authority figure.

Don't worry, darling, we all do it.
Television emitted inconsistencies
Paycheck by Paycheck, it becomes easier.
The question is whether you think its right.

Right in front of us, we grow to look at the wrong images, to be like others, to forgo the pain/anticipation of failure from creating our own lifestyles. What are you willing to do in order to succeed by someone else's standards? To become their creation instead of your own?

Like any other time frame, the 1940/50s American landscape hid writers/individuals seeking to expose their own truths/create healthier forms of being/interacting with others and the self. They experimented. Drugs were one experiment/experience. In excess, someone shot their wife in Mexico. In excess, just another distraction. Is the only option to rebel against the past?

Communication styles vary; projecting lies we tell ourselves in our own personal hells we created to avoid ourselves/others. When in this scene, we see you sitting on a city building. Night sky illuminated by intense conversation exposing hidden tears. Tomorrow reality will hit you in the face. Tomorrow, uncomfortable presides. The rare and real conversation will need to be denied. The other - denied, desecrated, ruined — too much, it's just too hard. You're not ready for this. Lies creep in as Presidential candidates express what they think others want to hear.
Easier to fry.
Easier to repeat political lies back.
This is how human beings interact in nature, right? Our primordial brains spitting out what we were told to think?
Not acknowledging how we do this, thinking we acknowledge but just emitting another advertisement.
Denying personal responsibility.
We know we do this but we don't know. Too many distractions, too many distractions, too many breaking news stories, too many distractions. Each action has a reaction. They layers begin to build. They're always building. Do you know the formation being built? Is it of your own creation?
Do you realize it's a choice?