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Rise of the Inferno


Let the fire spread throughout the land and burn up every ignorant beast that snakes and slithers through the noble grasses poisoning the dignified and gentle creatures. In each home lay ruin and waste. Intelligence, knowledge and understanding dance about in the mind of the noble and kind. Wickedness and terror shall be consumed by the light and made to fall to ash upon which gardens of joy and splendor will flourish. Where children suffer needlessly at the mercy and whim of cold and shattered souls now will come sanctity so that they may find nourishment and peace from the evil that once harboured pain and misery. Unto the sharp edge of retribution and right may they fall and take their curdled and tainted minds from us. May those who continue to find pleasure in causing harm upon the young, the frail, the weak and the handicapped be saved from their trickery and cruel devices. The scales of justice be not weighed by lies nor deceit. Let ignorance not plague the will and temper of the meek but settle amidst the charred remains of the inferno.