Darrell Kennedy


Darrell was born and raised in Goulds, Newfoundland and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Geography/Business) and a Bachelor of Education (High School Ed.) at Memorial University. One month after completing his studies he was compelled to leave his beloved home in search of a different experience. This led him to Korea where he found what he was looking for, but was also amazed by some cultural similarities. Since October 2002, he has developed an interest in Korean culture and enjoys comparing it to Newfoundland culture. He believes his criticism of Korean culture is an extension of his affection for it - and believes more Koreans should do the same. While living abroad Darrell has spent his days teaching English, studying Korean, learning to sing and play Korean songs on guitar, traveling Asia, and longing for the day Hockey Night in Canada will appear on his television set...(on a Sunday morning!).

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