Cyrill Duneau


Cyrill Duneau is a French artist of 31, currently surviving in Dublin as one of the numerous homeless people there. He has worked in visual, audio and literary fields, but his recent work is textual, for obvious economical reasons: since he has no personal computer, all of his work is made with the use of software (e.g. search engines, Wordpad) commonly available in internet cafes. His work process could be defined as a low-tech, digital and internet-based version of cut-up, where both random and voluntary choices determine the textual sources from which he works - a sort of digital Derive within rhizomatic (non-hierarchical) networks. Some of his recent written works can be found at (defunct) and (also defunct), among them a collaboration with the american writer Alan Sondheim.

Cyrill Duneau has contributed the following to Ballicatter: