Submission Guidelines

Ballicatter is no longer being produced. What follows is left as a reference.

General Necessities

  1. Please include a biography not exceeding 200 words in length, include locale, current projects, URL links, and any other relevant information.
Contact Information
  1. Name and e-mail address are required as a minimum.
  2. If you require your materials returned then an addressed, postage paid envelope will be required.
  3. Note: Contact information will not be given out ever without your consent.
Photo, Drawing, Painting and Other Narratives
  1. Submit as many as 15 images, titled and labeled as best fits your project.
  2. Submit images in JPEG, GIF,or BMP format only. File size should not exceed 200Kb, and images should be no larger than 550 pixels (width) x 800 pixels (height).
  3. All image files can be attached, together with support materials, in an email.
Video and Time Based Media
  1. Video Length must not exceed 4 minutes.
  2. Though there is a seemingly unlimited number of digital video formats most of them are acceptable. This includes DVDs and Super/Video CDs. All video files will be reformatted to facilitate easy web delivery. At present, we cannot convert analog video into files. Only digital files will be accepted.
  3. DVD's and CD's and support material can be mailed or you can use this contact form to make arrangements for uploading digital files.
  4. Flash and Other Time Based Media In general, if the piece is linear, a submission to a maximum of 4 minutes running time is acceptable. If the work is non-linear then a strict maximum file size of 7.5Mb will be imposed.
  5. If it can be accommodated, any format will be considered. Whether it be a "simple flash movie" or a complex scripted project or multimedia presentation is of no consequence, as long as it can be delivered via the web.
  1. Submit a text not exceeding 750 words.
  2. Submit in XHTML, Openoffice Writer, Microsoft Word, or RTF format.
  1. Audio files must not exceed 5 minutes in running time.
  2. Files must be submitted in MP3 format, preferably by e-mail.
Contacting Ballicatter
  1. By using the fairly simple contact form to send us your comments.
  2. By e-mail at